Joyner Lucas Drops Intense Single and Video “24 Hours To Live”

Prodizzle Head Of Content

Joyner Lucas has released his intense new single, “24 Hours To Live,” accompanied by an action-packed music video. In this cinematic visual, the rapper finds himself in a high-stakes scenario, making the most of his final hours.

The music video depicts Joyner Lucas robbing a bank, causing a prison explosion, and holding his enemies hostage. As he embarks on a series of daring acts, he raps about what he would do if he only had one day left to live.

With lyrics like “I’m ’bout to catch a few felonies, load up the trunk and then head to the Beverly’s” and “Strap on a vest and go kill all my enemies, slap any hater that showed any jealousy,” Joyner Lucas paints a vivid picture of a relentless, action-packed day.

This track, “24 Hours To Live,” is inspired by classic hip-hop tracks such as Ma$e, The Lox, Black Rob, and DMX’s “24 Hrs. To Live.” It offers a fresh take on the concept and showcases Joyner Lucas’s signature storytelling style.

“24 Hours To Live” is a preview of Joyner Lucas’s upcoming album, “Not Now, I’m Busy.” This project has already generated excitement with featured tracks like “Seventeenth,” “Broski,” “What’s That?,” “Devil’s Work 2,” “Blackout” with Future, and “Cut U Off” featuring NBA YoungBoy. Though the album has seen a few minor delays, fans are eagerly anticipating its release.

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