Lola Brooke Shares Video for Empowering Anthem “Shelter Baby (Be That B*tch)”

Lola Brooke Shelter Baby video
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Lola Brooke, who recently unveiled the deluxe edition of her acclaimed 2023 debut album Dennis Daughter, has dropped a captivating visual for her track “Shelter Baby (Be That B*tch).”

The song delves into Lola’s personal experiences and sheds light on the profound impact of the shelter system on her life. In a 2023 interview with Vulture, Lola reflected on her time working at a men’s shelter within NYC’s Acacia Network Housing, emphasizing the importance of treating people with kindness and respect. She remarked, “I’m the same person catering to these people and telling them when they could sleep and when they could wake up. I have authority to make them feel like I’m bigger than them. Now I’m in that lunchroom by myself with no service; if I was being dumb, people would not make sure I was okay. But they felt like, ‘You took care of me before, I’ll take care of you.'”

The video for “Shelter Baby (Be That B*tch)” serves as a powerful visual accompaniment to the song’s empowering message. Stream the deluxe edition of Dennis Daughter to experience Lola Brooke’s remarkable artistry and storytelling.

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