Mac Backwardz “Hate U Love U” Video

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Mac Backwardz, a rapper from Coventry, adopts a more soulful approach on his next toxic love track “Hate U, Love U.”
The trio has teamed up with Harlem Ralph once again to create an enticing piece of music that takes cues from Mac Miller’s “The Divine Feminine” and the narrative skills of musicians like The Streets and The Twang. They have developed a wonderfully soulful smooth and soulful music by mixing mellifluous melodies and soaring vocals with the soft piano and languid rhythms.

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“I think this is the standout tune of the project, so much time and effort was spent on this song alone owing to the sheer number of voice and instrument layers involved,” says Mac.

The semi-autobiographical song “Hate U, Love U” is narrated from the perspective of the toxic partner in a relationship in which both partners are aware of the relationship’s destructive nature but are unable to separate themselves.

It was important to Mac that Hate U, Love U be written from the perspective of the more destructive partner in the relationship. These days, it seems like most songs about broken relationships are sung from the standpoint of whoever believes they are right. I thought turning it on its head would create a more interesting dynamic and provide me more opportunities to share a story that doesn’t often get told.

On ‘Hate U, Love U,’ Mac Backwardz proves once again why he should be considered one of the most exciting new talents on the UK rap scene. His last song, ‘Editor, Director,’ was endorsed by underground UK journals Wordplay, The Pit, Certified UK, and Blatantly Blunt.

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