MC Mac Backwardz Shares Music Video for “Editor, Director”

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The genre-bending track “Editor, Director” by Coventry MC Mac Backwardz, featuring the work of the Oxfordshire production group Harlem Ralph, can be found on his first album “I’ll Bell You Tomorrow.”
Mac’s struggle with substance abuse and other mental health difficulties is chronicled in this album. When played in order, the album depicts the whole journey of a narcotic high, with the album’s last track, “Editor, Director,” representing the album’s climax. Feelings of joy just before reality sets in.

It’s a very introspective song that has recorded messages from his loved ones and from the doctor who prescribed the harmful chemical combo that ultimately destroyed his health.

According to the songwriter, “this [song] addresses a true period in my life two years ago when the doctor placed me on various mental health medicines that shouldn’t have been used together and led to a collapse in my mind.” As he puts it, “I prefer to think of this whole track as also portraying the breakdown I suffered from,” as the music is so disorganised and lacks the conventional song’s framework.

In 2014, Mac Backwardz released his first mixtape and quickly gained notoriety in the UK underground scene thanks to a string of sold-out performances. When he finally met the pair known as Harlem Ralph in 2018, it was love at first sight. They rapidly came to the conclusion that they should work together, and so the concept for Macbackwardz’s first album, titled “I’ll Bell You Tomorrow,” was born.

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