MEEKZ Drops Highly Anticipated Mixtape ‘TRU’

British rapper MEEKZ has unveiled his eagerly awaited second mixtape, TRU. Leading up to this release, he dropped the standout track “Manny,” a hard-hitting anthem dedicated to his hometown of Manchester. Sampling the iconic 2004 hit “New York” by Ja Rule, Fat Joe, and Jadakiss, “Manny” channels the same gritty energy and deep connection to place, serving as a testament to Meekz’s love for Manchester. You can watch the video below.

TRU marks a triumphant return for the masked rapper, following his colossal debut mixtape, Respect The Come Up, in 2022. This new release is a confident and self-assured project that showcases Meekz’s fierce dedication to leaving a lasting mark on Manchester’s music scene.

Meekz is at a pivotal point in his artistry, driven solely by his creative instincts, which informed every decision in putting this record together. In an industry where artists often strive for continuous engagement, Meekz has taken a different approach, focusing on re-establishing himself, pushing his boundaries, and exploring new growth areas. This patience and commitment to quality over quantity have only increased the demand for his music, proving that sometimes less is indeed more.

With TRU, Meekz not only solidifies his place in the rap world but also reaffirms his commitment to authenticity and artistic integrity.

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