The Weeknd “Like A God” / “False Idols” Feat. Lil Baby

The Idol
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The Weeknd has released two new songs in preparation for the fifth episode of The Idol: “Like A God” and “False Idols,” which features Lil Baby and Suzanna Son.

Jocelyn (Lily Rose-Depp) and Tedros (The Weeknd) serve as the inspiration for the opening song “Like A God” from the album.

Singing, “Mama knows, baby girl gon’ be famous/ Mama died after fallen dreams/ Suicide, make her tabloid queen,” he proclaims that his mother would be proud of his daughter’s success. It goes like this: “Baby boy, still in petty crimes / Twenty-five, he was serving time / He would dream of the City of Angels / He was born to entertain us, ‘tain us, ‘tain us.”

The Weeknd and Lil Baby’s “False Idols” explores the dark side of stardom and wealth.

The Weeknd sings, “Be careful who you call God / L.A. filled with fake prophecies / They hate it when you get on top / Magazines tarnish legacies,” as Lil Baby provides a sizzling opening verse. I can’t go anywhere without my pole and my rod, so be careful who you name a God, as Lil Baby raps. “I take a sip, and then I nod; I’ve made a hundred million dollars; I must be good at what I do.”

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