Mya K Serves New EP “Love or Limerence”

Mya K Should’ve Known
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In her latest project, “Love or Limerence,” South London’s rising R&B star Mya K delves into the complexities of a fleeting romance across four soulful tracks. With previously released singles like “Should’ve Known” and “Right Now,” Mya captures the euphoria and heartache of love, while pondering whether it was genuine affection or mere infatuation.

The EP’s closing track features a remix of “Should’ve Known,” featuring fellow South Londoner Tiana Blake, where both artists candidly express their hurt and issue a stern warning to their former flames. Produced entirely by her trusted collaborator VELLI, “Love or Limerence” marks Mya K’s bold contribution to redefining contemporary R&B.

Reflecting on her musical journey, Mya K shares,

“I’ve always loved R&B, but felt like the genre needed a fresh perspective – we’re no longer in the 90s/00s! Love or Limerence serves as my contribution to redefining the genre.”

Mya K

Mya Emem Kinlock, known professionally as Mya K, has been making waves in the music industry since her early days in Nigeria, where she began her career at just 10 years old under the guidance of her mother. Despite their newcomer status, Mya honed her craft and quickly gained recognition, earning accolades such as Best Video by a Minor at the Nigerian Music Video Awards in 2014. With her diverse musical influences and unwavering dedication, Mya K continues to ascend to greater heights in the R&B scene.

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