Spice Releases Her Most Candid Track and Visual Yet with “2085 Tea”

Spice - 2085 Tea
Prodizzle Head Of Content

Dancehall icon Spice takes a bold step with her latest release, “2085 Tea,” delivering her most personal and introspective song to date. Released on [insert release date], this single finds Spice time traveling to the year 2085, embodying herself as an elderly woman. Through this creative lens, she reflects on her past experiences and how they shaped her into the triumphant figure she is today.

In “2085 Tea,” Spice’s lyrical honesty and raw emotion shine through. She speaks directly to her younger self, offering wisdom and insight gained from decades of overcoming challenges and achieving success. The accompanying visual adds a powerful layer to the song, featuring scenes of Spice in aged makeup, navigating a futuristic world while reminiscing about her journey.

This single is a precursor to her highly anticipated album, set for release in August 2024. The album promises to be a raw, open diary of Spice’s tribulations and triumphs, offering a deep dive into her 25 years as an international recording artist. It will commemorate her enduring impact on the music industry and give fans an intimate look at her life’s highs and lows.

Spice’s “2085 Tea” is not just a song; it’s a powerful statement of resilience and growth. Check out the video and experience the depth of her storytelling.

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