Ivorian Doll Unleashes “Sexy Freestyle (Get It Ivy)” Remix

Ivorian Doll Sexy Freestyle (Get it ivy)
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East London’s rising star, Ivorian Doll, has just dropped a new track and video titled “Sexy Freestyle (Get It Ivy)”, released on June 16, 2024. Known for her sharp lyrics and charismatic delivery, Ivorian Doll (often abbreviated as IVD) is rapidly making a name for herself in the UK rap scene.

This latest release is a remix of Sexyy Red’s hit single “Get It Sexyy”. IVD brings her unique flair to the instrumental, injecting it with fresh energy and her signature confidence. “I’m the baddest in the game, can’t you see? / When I step up in the spot, they all envy,” she raps, showcasing her bold style.

The accompanying video is a visual treat. Directed by ShotbyJade, it features vibrant, high-energy scenes with Ivorian Doll flexing her style in various eye-catching outfits. From neon-lit club settings to gritty urban backdrops, the video perfectly complements the track’s lively vibe.

Ivorian Doll’s “Sexy Freestyle (Get It Ivy)” is a testament to her growing influence and undeniable talent. But don’t just take our word for it—check out the video and let us know what you think! Does IVD’s remix hit the mark for you? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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