City Girls’ JT Unleashes Solo Power with “Sideways” and Teases Upcoming EP

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Today marks the release of “Sideways,” the latest solo endeavor from JT, one-half of the dynamic hip-hop duo City Girls, alongside Yung Miami. Following the success of her previous solo single, “No Bars,” which garnered over 100k sales and 30.2 million streams, “Sideways” is set to preview JT’s forthcoming solo EP, signaling a new and exciting chapter in her solo career.

Expressing her excitement about releasing solo music, JT highlights the opportunity to focus more on her creativity. Having achieved success as part of City Girls, “Sideways” and the upcoming EP allow JT to showcase her individual artistry and come into her own. She shares her enthusiasm, stating, “I love everything about being an artist! I just wanna chill, look good and drop pretty cocky bitch music. I’m the City Cinderella!”

JT’s journey to this point has showcased her versatility as an artist. Known for stellar guest verses on tracks like Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix),” Summer Walker’s “Ex for a Reason,” and Kali Uchis’ “Muñekita,” JT has consistently demonstrated her prowess in various musical contexts. As she ventures into her solo career, she is committed to creating impactful and resonant songs.

“Sideways” is described as a mood, touching on the challenges women face when choosing to stay true to themselves rather than conforming to societal expectations. JT emphasizes the importance of real connections, acknowledging that some individuals may be nosy and phony. The track serves as an anthem for real and authentic friendships.

Known for her brazen charisma, sneering bars, and the vibrant energy of Miami nightlife, JT excels in making women feel empowered and granting them the freedom to be bold. The accompanying music video for “Sideways” showcases a wild ‘Girls Night Out’ in Miami, embodying the free-spirited and confident essence of the track.

As “Sideways” drops and anticipation builds for JT’s solo EP, it’s evident that she is ready to make her mark as a solo artist. The City Girls’ success continues to grow, with JT’s unique style and perspective promising an exciting solo journey ahead. Stay tuned for more from JT as she embarks on this new and empowering chapter in her career.

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