JT Teams Up with Jeezy for “OKAY” Remix

Prodizzle Head Of Content

With summer in full swing, JT is back to dominate the charts, this time bringing Jeezy along for the ride on the official remix of her hit single “OKAY.” Teasing fans with billboards featuring a Cinderella heel and a snowman across Atlanta, JT and Jeezy’s collaboration delivers an unbeatable dynamic.

Jeezy steps into the remix with raw honesty, referencing his recent divorce and asserting his bachelor status with the line, “single as a dollar bill.” Despite personal changes, he retains his influential status in hip-hop, bringing his signature swagger to the track. Directed by Gerald Victor, the music video matches the song’s fiery intensity, showcasing JT and Jeezy rapping back and forth in all-black attire, emphasizing their dominance and chemistry.

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