50 Cent Charged With Domestic Violence But Denies Allegations

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50 Cent

50 Cent is being hit with 5 misdemeanor charges for vandalism and domestic violence.

50 Cent just spoke of how Chief Keef was not following his advice to keep out of trouble, but now it seems like Fif has been making some bad decisions of his own.

TMZ reports that 50 has been charged with domestic violence for allegedly kicking his baby mama and destroying some of her property last month.

The L.A. City Attorney says that the rapper caused $7,100 to the victim’s condo on June 23rd in Toluca Lake, California.

Fif will be hit with 5 charges, which include 4 counts of misdemeanor vandalism, and one count of misdemeanor domestic violence. If he is convicted of all charges, he could serve up to 5 years in jail and fines of $46,000.

More information to come as it arrives.

[Update: Details Emerge]

According to LAPD officials, officers were called to the scene to find the victim, who explained that she had been in an altercation with 50. She explained that after she locked herself in her bedroom, Curtis allegedly became so infuriated that he kicked down the door, hitting her and resulting in injury.

Fif had apparently already left the scene when police arrived.

The rapper will appear in court to be arraigned July 22nd.

[Update: Cops Reveal 50 Has Second Child]

While the only child 50 Cent has ever acknowledged having is his 16-year-old son with Shaniqua Tompkins, it appears Shaniqua is not the woman in question in the investigation.


The woman whom Fif allegedly assaulted is model Daphne Joy. While he dated Joy for 3 years, he never publicly announced having a child with her.

The L.A. City Attorney broke the news in their report, citing 50 and Joy as having a “child in common.”

[Update: 50 Denies Allegations]

Now, as reported by the almighty TMZ, it seems 50 Cent is denying the charges brought against him, maintaining that he did not kick or harm Daphne Joy in any way during the altercation last month.

“Curtis Jackson denies these allegations as made against him. It is important to note, Mr. Jackson has not been arrested and there is no warrant outstanding for his arrest,” said 50’s attorney in an official statement. “We have been in contact with the LA City Attorney’s Office and are currently conducting our own investigation into these allegations.”

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned for inevitable updates.

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