Discover the Roots of UK’s Top Artists with Apple Music’s ‘Origin Stories’

Unveiling Musical Journeys: ‘Origin Stories’ Launches Today on Apple Music

Rebecca Judd and Mist
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Apple Music has just launched an exciting new audio series, ‘Origin Stories,’ which takes you on an intimate journey with the UK’s most thrilling artists as they revisit their hometowns to explore the beginnings of their musical journeys.

Available today, Friday, June 14th, 2024, on both Apple Music and Apple Podcasts, this unique interview series is hosted by Apple Music 1’s Dotty, Rebecca Judd, and Matt Wilkinson. ‘Origin Stories’ offers fans an exclusive peek into the hometowns of their favorite artists, highlighting the influential people and places that helped shape their careers.

Rebecca Judd and Mist
Rebecca Judd and Mist

Episodes to Dive Into:

  • Rebecca Judd with Mist in Birmingham: Follow Rebecca as she explores the Midlands with Birmingham rapper Mist, visiting the bail hostel where he lived and crafted some of his earliest music.
  • Dotty with Young T & Bugsey in Nottingham: Dotty joins the rap duo as they return to their local community studio, reliving the moments that sparked their rise to fame.
  • Rebecca Judd with Jazzy in Dublin: In Dublin, Rebecca meets singer Jazzy at the venue where she performed her first shows, offering a heartfelt look at her beginnings.
  • Matt Wilkinson with Blossoms in Stockport: Matt traces the journey of Blossoms back to the Alma Lodge Hotel in Stockport, where members of the band used to work, capturing their transformation from local talent to international stars.
  • Rebecca Judd with Becky Hill in Worcestershire: Rebecca visits Becky Hill’s family home in Worcestershire, providing a personal glimpse into her early life and inspirations.
  • Rebecca Judd with Pip Millett in Greater Manchester: Finally, Rebecca travels to Marple in Greater Manchester with Pip Millett to uncover how her musical journey started.
Bugsey, Trevor Rose, Dotty and Young T
Bugsey, Trevor Rose, Dotty and Young T

Host Insights:

Matt Wilkinson shares his excitement about the new series: “Origin Stories is like nothing we’ve done before on Apple Music. It’s amazing to go back to the very beginning with these artists, and we found they opened up so much because of the locations we were in. I loved being in Stockport with Blossoms and really tracing their story from the start, when no one knew how huge they’d be.”

Tune in now to ‘Origin Stories’ on Apple Music and Apple Podcasts to experience these heartfelt, inspirational journeys and get to know the artists you love like never before.

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