98Priest Unveils Enchanting Music Video for “Growing Up” from Latest EP ‘Let Love: In’

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In the expansive realm of music, some artists stand as beacons not only for their undeniable talent but also for their unfiltered vulnerability and raw storytelling. Emerging from San Antonio, TX, 98Priest (@98Priest), also known as Nijewl Priest, is a rising luminary whose musical essence transcends eras and genres. He beautifully interlaces the soulful resonances of the ’70s with the contemporary narrative touch of the present.

The moniker “98 Priest” carries profound significance in itself. “Born in ’98, and Priest is my mother’s last name,” he shares. This amalgamation of birth year and family name weaves a tapestry of meaning for 98 Priest, forging a deep-rooted connection to his origins while embarking on a unique melodic voyage.

98 Priest’s latest release, the forthcoming “Let Love: In,” is a poignant three-track EP that forms the opening chapter of a three-part love saga. Scheduled for release on August 4, 2023, the project becomes a candid reflection of the artist’s personal journey. “Every piece of music I release is a direct reflection of the current events shaping my everyday life,” he confides.

“Let Love: In” profoundly explores the realms of love and self-discovery. 98 Priest bares his soul across each track, escorting listeners through a voyage of realization and redemption. “It’s about recognizing where I faltered in love and mustering a desperate endeavor to mend my mistakes,” he elaborates.

Asked about his sonic identity, 98 Priest characterizes it as a fusion of ’70s grooves and contemporary storytelling. Spanning the genres of RnB/Soul and Rap, his music carries a depth that captivates from the very first note.

For newcomers to his musical realm, 98 Priest recommends immersing in the emotive currents of “ENERGY.” This potent track encapsulates the core of his artistry, laying bare emotions with a level of authenticity that deeply resonates.

Inspired by music icons like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, OutKast, and Isaiah Rashad, 98 Priest strives to craft timeless music that traverses boundaries and unites souls across the globe.

Among the pivotal junctures in his musical journey, one of the most significant has been summoning the courage to break free from his comfort zone and wholeheartedly embrace music. Overcoming innate shyness, this leap into vulnerability catalyzed both personal and artistic maturation.

On the horizon, 98 Priest envisions a compelling collaboration with his brother NEM6 (NEMO) once “Let Love: In” finds completion. As for broader career aspirations, his aim is simple: to create music that resonates and touches hearts across the world.

Through his music, especially the forthcoming “Let Love: In,” 98 Priest yearns for fans to witness his growth as both an individual and an artist. His sincere and heartfelt expressions extend an invitation to listeners to embark on a mutual odyssey of self-discovery.

Indulge in the transformative sounds of “Let Love: In” below:

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