Beanie Sigel’s Intense Interview On The Breakfast Club

Charlamagne Tha God
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Beanie Sigel has been back in the news recently because of his friendship-turned-rivalry with fellow Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill. Although Sigel appeared on Meek’s Game-directed diss track “Ooouu,” he later disparaged Meek in a lengthy interview on the Tax Season podcast and dropped two diss record saimed at him.

On Tuesday morning, Sigel appeared on The Breakfast Club to discuss the issue, and he jumped right into his problems with Charlamagne Tha God, who accused Beans of being a hater. “I don’t even think you qualified to say I sound like a hater, because you don’t know all the particulars,” Beans said, explaining that he was trying to school Meek about his behavior instead of hate on him. “Get the fuck out of here, Charlamagne,” he continued after Charlamagne accused him of being opportunistic with the whole beef, explaining that nobody asked him to be on the diss record in the first place.

Sigel also went into the incident in which he was confronted by a member of Meek Mill’s crew. “The situation sticky because it’s close. It ain’t like it was one of Meek’s goons, it’s like this is family,” he said. “It ain’t about Meek, it’s because he’s from Philadelphia. That’s why. He represent Philadelphia. He’s the voice for Philly right now… He’s like a target because he’s a young fly nigga with a bad chick, regardless if he’s real, if it’s facade, who cares?” he said.

You can watch the entire, tense interview about the ongoing beef in the video above.

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