RADAR: Listen to Cosmopolis’ New Release “Parasite”

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Cosmopolis, a post-punk art rock band, has released a new song titled “Parasite,” which features a sonic stew of Gothic Rock, Post-Rock, Prog, Electronica, and Lofi, along with uncensored, caustic lyrics and courageous social criticism.

Cosmopolis not only enjoys the distinctively mysterious and dark area of the musical spectrum in which they operate. This music aims to give the listener a visceral experience, drawing inspiration from artists like Pink Floyd, Swans, Nick Cave, Joy Division, and Massive Attack. The band’s music is described as “unapologetically dark music and believe that the power of music can impact emotions, behaviours, and morals” by Music Mayhem Magazine, which also gave the band credit for having “huge Radiohead and David Bowie vibes.”This multinational trio, which has members from Belgium, Australia, and England, comes together to create a howling banshee of sound destruction that is larger than the sum of its parts. In “Parasite,” Cosmopolis further demonstrates their capacity to strike a delicate balance between layers of discord and disorder and, yes, beauty.On the surface, this is a story about obsession and a bad relationship, but in Cosmopolis’ new song “Parasite,” it’s never made clear if the parasite is an evil force outside of oneself or an impulse to harm oneself from inside.

Gavin, the band’s leader, speculates that “maybe it’s both at once. Perhaps since I am used to seeing the evil side of nature due to living in Australia, it felt like a decent method to deal with obsession and self-destruction. The song intensifies to a brutal conclusion that combines elegiac beauty with brutality and mayhem.This song continues the custom of combining sinister lyrics with gorgeous instrumental accompaniment. It is comparable to Joy Division’s Atmosphere, the Velvet Underground’s Femme Fatale, Lou Reed’s The Bed, and maybe other Nick Cave works.

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