Doja Cat Releases New Song “Balut”

Doja Cat "Balut"
Prodizzle Head Of Content

Doja Cat releases a new song called “Balut” ahead of the September 22 release of her Scarlet album.

Doja uses the track, which was produced by Yeti Beats and Roget Chahayed, to brag about her opulent lifestyle and call out the others who have copied her sound.

She raps, “Every bitch that is here is a copycat; you’re fleeting ’cause you can’t copy this.” My primary tactic is to mimic the successes of others, and I warn you: you can’t replicate their statistics.

Scarlet will contain fifteen solo records, such as her recently performed “Attention,” “Paint the Town Red,” and “Demons” at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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