Fave Unleashes New Single “Controlla”

Fave Unleashes "Controlla," a Riveting Dive into Love's Toxic Traits

fave controlla

Rising Nigerian singer-songwriter Fave, a prominent figure among the next generation of “no genre” musicians, has released her latest single, “Controlla.” Produced by Saszy with additional production by Niphkeys, this track explores the toxic traits of love through a playful yet profound narrative. It tells the story of someone desperate to control their partner, only to realize they were the ones being controlled all along.

With her distinctive voice, catchy hooks, and impeccable production, Fave is swiftly taking over the music scene. “Controlla” is a testament to her standout artistry and clever storytelling.

Earlier this month, Fave made waves alongside Davido with their vibrant video for “Kante,” a dancehall-inspired track from Davido’s fifth studio album. As Fave continues to rise, she is undoubtedly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

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