Kanye West Named Felony Suspect For Attempted Robbery After Altercation With Photographer

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Kanye AgainKanye West may be in hot water after footage surfaced of him mixing it up with a photographer at LAX.

Days after Kanye West set forth an edict that no camermen speak to anyone, let alone Kanye, the rapper’s famous paparazzi-related temper boiled over.

TMZ has provided footage of West attempting to take a camera from a photographer that appeared to be egging Yeezy on off-camera, as Kanye was leaving LAX airport.

The photographer appeared to be at least shaken up after West let him go, but is apparently in the hospital, with his condition unknown.

Now, West faces felony attempted robbery charges. Police reportedly interviewed the victim, who was apparently injured. The photographer reportedly wants to press charges against West.

TMZ notes that the routine is to “go after the suspect for the most serious charge.”

Watch the video of the altercation

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