Kelly Rowland Rescued With Friends After Lost At Sea On Private Boat

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After losing their way at sea for 12 hours, Kelly Rowland and friends were rescued on a private boat.

KELLY ROLANDDestiny’s Child singer, Kelly Rowland had a close call this weekend as her private boat broke down, and her and friends eventually had to be rescued.

With the intention of whale watching, Rowland had rented the boat with friends in Massachusetts, eventually big waves and foggy weather came in which lead to them being lost for over 12 hours, “”disoriented in the five-to-six-foot waves and fog that had rolled in.  The US Coast Guard was able to triangulate their position” after learning that the group needed help,” as reported by aTowboat US Provincetown employee.”

Nobody was injured, but during the rescue the boat broke down and had to be towed back.

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