L.A.X Releases “No Bad Vibes” Album —Stream

lAX No Ba Vibes
Prodizzle Head Of Content

The long-awaited first studio album by L.A.X, a musician from Lagos, is titled “No Bad Vibes” and was released through Rasaki Music/EMPIRE. The high-octane compilation is comprised of twelve songs that include upbeat melodies perfect for the dance floor and were created over the course of two years. The album “No Bad Vibes” was written and recorded by L.A.X between Lagos, Amsterdam, and London over the course of many months while he was on the road. L.A.X.’s music has earned him the title of “ambassador of vibes” because to his careful curation of guest appearances by prominent artists from throughout the world.
He plans to continue to “L&E,” or live up to the acronym of his name, by touring Europe and East Africa with the record in the coming months, where he is sure to win over many more fans.

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