Watch M24’s Explosive New Single & Video ‘Need More’ from Upcoming Mixtape ‘Concrete Rose’

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London’s rap scene is heating up, and at the forefront of the fire is none other than M24. With his gritty lyricism and raw authenticity, M24 has been making waves in the industry, and his latest release, “Need More,” is no exception. This fiery single serves as a tantalizing preview of his upcoming mixtape, “Concrete Rose,” set to drop at midnight. Let’s dive into the details of this scorching new track and what we can expect from the highly anticipated mixtape.

“Need More” wastes no time igniting the airwaves with its intense energy and infectious rhythm. M24’s signature rap style shines through as he delivers hard-hitting bars with unmatched passion and charisma. From start to finish, “Need More” keeps listeners hooked with its dynamic beats and captivating flow. The track serves as a testament to M24’s prowess as an artist, leaving no doubt that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the rap game.

As anticipation for the mixtape reaches a fever pitch, “Need More” offers fans a tantalizing glimpse into what “Concrete Rose” has in store. With its relentless energy and unapologetic authenticity, this single sets the stage for a project that’s bound to leave a lasting impression. From introspective ballads to hard-hitting anthems, “Concrete Rose” promises to showcase the full range of M24’s artistry and talent.

With “Need More,” M24 has once again proven why he’s a rising star in the music industry. His latest single is a testament to his dedication and passion for his craft, and it’s clear that he’s poised for even greater success with the release of “Concrete Rose.” As we eagerly await the mixtape’s arrival, “Need More” serves as the perfect reminder of M24’s undeniable talent and potential. Get ready to turn up the heat and vibe to the sounds of M24’s blazing new single.

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