NEWS: Beyonce Shows Off Blue Ivy’s Face In Upcoming Documentary (PICS)

 Beyonce has been very protective of her baby girl, Blue Ivy, since her birth last year. However, she will be showing baby Ivy off in her upcoming HBO documentary ‘Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream’, which airs tomorrow night at 9PM ET. And surfacing the internet tonight is this still frame picture from the film of the adorable 1 year old baby and Beyonce (below).

Taking to Facebook, Beyonce also posted a picture of her own baby picture side by side with Ivy’s, and man can you see the resemblance with the two. Practically a spitting image. Beyonce spoke on her little girl as her “road dog”, “homey”, and “my best friend”. She is trying to keep her out of the public eye and help her live a normal childhood. “I will still be protective and make sure she has a childhood and a great time,” she told E! News.

Bey also understands that when her daughter gets older she won’t be able to control everything. She added “At some point, you know it is what it is, you can’t control it anymore,” she said. “But I know as long as I’m the mother that I know I can be and the mother I have such an incredible mother-my daughter’s going to be fine”.

Prior to this HBO special airing Saturday night, Beyonce will be featured on Oprah’s ‘Next Chapter’ series, which is a sit down interview with the pop star at 8PM ET on the OWN Network. A full Saturday night of Beyonce is in stored for fans. 

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