Young Money rapper Drake let the world a bit closer into his personal life this week, revealing the passing of his grandmother on Thanksgiving Day.

While details are still scarce, Drizzy acknowledged her passing and their relationship.

“Rest in peace to my grandmother Evelyn Sher. What a day to go…thankful to have had the times we did.,” Drake tweeted Thanksgiving night. (Drake’s Twitter)

Reports of her illness and possible death surfaced online last May.

The next stops on Drake’s Club Paradise tour are suppose to be the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion in Walnut Creek Raleigh, NC & the Farm Bureau Live in Virginia Beach, VA, but unfortunately, Drake has had to cancel both shows to attend to some family issues. The rumor mill is reporting Drake’s grandmother to have passed away while some are just saying she is ill. Whatever the case may be, fans need to understand that Drake is a regular human being like us, who would take some time off from work to attend to family business. The Ticketmaster site shows as the new dates now being June 19th for Raleigh, NC & June 20th for Virgina Beach, VA. (57th Ave)

Drizzy references his grandmother and their close-knit bond on 2009’s “The Winner” record.

“And to my dad even though we was apart/I couldn’t leave you out, you forever in my heart/Yeah, and in the name of Evelyn Cher/I’ll forever forgive anybody that never was there/For me, no other woman could ever compare/My angel I hope heaven’s prepared for whenever you there” (“The Winner”)

In summer 2010, Drake had to postpone a tour to help cater to his mother’s health.

“Despite my best hopes, it is apparent that my mother will need surgery earlier than anticipated. In light of this news, I have made the difficult decision to cancel my European tour in order to support her during her recovery, just as she supported me through the years. I cannot thank my European fans enough and look forward to performing abroad soon. I ask everyone to please respect my family’s privacy during this time.” (Statement)

In his Better Than Good Enough documentary, Drake addresses his mother’s health concerns.

Drake’s mother Sandi Graham is sick, and she is his biggest fan. Drake has always had a close relationship with his mother and even took her as his date to the 2010 Grammys. Drake, born Aubrey Graham, revealed in his MTV documentary, Better Than Good Enough, that his mother suffers from a mystery illness, and he’s afraid to lose her to the disease. Drake said he doesn’t know what he would do without his biggest supporter. “My mom is sick. So that scares me a lot. She’s been the most supportive person I’ve ever had in my life – the only person that loves me unconditionally, really. I know a lot of people love me and I love a lot of people. But to love somebody unconditionally is different.” (Dime Wars)

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