Grammy-winning producer Kanye West will reportedly not contribute any music to Lil Wayne’s upcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album, however, still have a significant role on the LP.

According to reports, Yeezy will contribute to the retail project’s cover art.

Weezy reveals that he has three Juicy J-produced tracks on it, titled “Itchy,” “Walk,” and “Trippy Kid.” He also says Drake and Future and hopefully Nicki Minaj are featured on the album, as well as producers David Banner, Cool & Dre, and Diplo. In addition, Weezy says that Kanye West reached out to him, and will be designing the album’s packaging, but will not be contributing any music to the project. (Complex)

Recently, Wayne revealed Kanye’s music-related role on the album.

The “No Worries” rapper took a moment to remember all the hitmakers who will contribute to his upcoming long player before rattling off names like Streetrunner and finally [Kanye West]. “Yeah he got some music on there,” Wayne confirmed. “It’s crazy, actually I don’t want to give too much up but he’s got a big hand in the album, you’ll see.” (MTV)

Back in 2010, Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy cover art designer spoke on his controversial cover.

“That’s a good painting,” Condo says matter-of-factly. “She’s a kind of fragment, between a sphinx, a phoenix, a haunting ghost, a harpy. And then Kanye is also in some sort of strange 1970s burned-out back room of a Chicago blues club having a beer — so far away from the real Kanye West that it’s just a scream.” In painting Kanye in such an outrageous situation, Condo says, “I was challenging him with the imagery as well. He said, ‘I’m shocked, but I like it, and I gotta go with my gut feeling.'” This cover’s already been banned by Wal-Mart and Apple’s iTunes Music Store, much to Condo’s disgust. “The superimposition of people’s perceptions on a cartoon is shocking,” Condo scoffs. “What’s happening in their minds should be banned. Not the painting.” (New York Mag)

Yeezy acknowledged its controversy and how much retailer consideration he places into covers two years ago.

“In all honesty … I really don’t be thinking about Wal-Mart when I make my music or album covers #Kanyeshrug!”

“I wanna sell albums but not at the expense of my true creativity.” (Kanye West’s Twitter)

Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being II is slated to drop in February.

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