Ruff Ryders producer Swizz Beatz has come clean on making headlines this week for tax-related woes and explained how he has learned to handle his finances more wisely over time.

Beatz credits responsiblity and maturity for helping him avoid money problems.

“Say I owed $10 million. Don’t say I owed $100,000. The story was about a $98,000 lien. I see where they got that from. I’m not going to say I never had tax problems. ’06, ’07, I had tax problems. It was like, whatever. As you get older, you know how to maintain your funds, maintain your businesses. I’m involved with next-level businesses across seas, this that and the third. It’s like, you’ve gotta know how to graduate those things when you’re dealing with these people. This can’t be coming up. When you’re doing business, everybody know everything. They know who’s who and what’s what, what you make and how you doing. These people are billionaires. For me to be in that lane, I have to be responsible anyways.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

This week, Swizzy stepped up to provide documentation of paid debts after getting attached to tax-related reports.

UPDATE: Swizz has shown TMZ documents that prove he had previously made payments in the full amount owed for his 2010 tax return. A rep for Swizz tells TMZ he has paid his taxes in full and is current on his taxes. (TMZ)

Swizz even thanked media site TMZ for clearing up their mistake on Twitter.

“Much love to @TMZ for updating their story confirming the truth!!,” Beatz tweeted Monday (November 12) night. (Swizz Beatz’s Twitter)

A few days ago, reports of the hit producer/rapper’s alleged money woes surfaced online.

“You ain’t getting none from me or my bank” … Swizz Beatz rapped it and now he’s living it — this according to the State of New York who says the mega-hip hop producer is behind on his taxes. The Empire State recently filed the lien against Beatz — real name Kasseem Dean — for unpaid taxes in the year 2010 … claiming he still owes a cool $98,246.18. But that’s not all … Beatz — who is married to Alicia Keys and has produced for every major name in the biz, including Chris Brown, Dr. Dre, DMX, and Kanye West — also has federal tax liens filed against him … to the tune of $2.6 MILLION. We reached out to Swizz — so far, radio silenzz. (TMZ)

Check out Swizz Beatz’s interview:

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