Radar is a category we created on HWING to showcase all the brilliant rising artists who we are tipping for great things. In our HWING HOTPICKS series, take a deep dive into new music from the stars of tomorrow who need to be on your radar.

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Featuring C.T, Uraelb, Casper Merci, Lawrence Alexander & $$Terick

C.T – “Down For Me”

C.T is an emerging artist hailing from Leamington Spa, UK. Since his debut in 2018, he has captured the attention of listeners with his unique sound. BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Radio recognised his talent by featuring him as their artist of the month. Through freestyles, podcasts and live performances, including appearances at festivals like Godiva, C.T has built a loyal fanbase. In 2023, he is set to reach new heights after the release of “Down For Me”. With infectious melodies and a memorable hook, “Down For Me” highlights C.T’s undeniable star quality and promising future.

Uraelb – “Groovy”

Uraelb, a special artist who began his musical journey at just 17, continues to defy expectations with his latest single, “Groovy”, after previously impressing with his debut album, Demi God. In “Groovy”, the Los Angeles rapper effortlessly blends elements of different genres. The song’s infectious rhythm and uplifting vibes instantly hold your interest, while Uraelb’s versatile flow seamlessly transitions between rapping and singing. This track truly encompasses his artistic range, striking the perfect balance between hip-hop and funk.

Casper Merci – “100 Foot Limousine”

Casper Merci, hailing from Indianapolis, draws inspiration from renowned songwriters such as Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt and MF DOOM, while also embracing the innovative sounds of producers such as The Alchemist, Flying Lotus and Madlib. With this blend, he ventures beyond conventional hip-hop, crafting a distinct sonic identity. His new single, “100 Foot Limousine”, immediately grabs attention with its nostalgic, old-school hip-hop production. Casper complements the beat perfectly with his indisputable skill on the mic and smooth rap flow. Operating independently under his own label, LOVEHARD Records, this 23-year-old rising artist, producer and engineer displays remarkable ingenuity beyond his years. As he continues to release music, it becomes evident that he is an artist to watch.

Lawrence Alexander – “Doors”

Lawrence Alexander, an up-and-coming artist from NYC, has been making waves in the music world. Formerly involved in Broadway, performing in the renowned show The Lion King, Lawrence took a step back from musical theatre to pursue his true passion for creating and releasing music. His single “For Sure” won Best Grand Jury Music Video at the Awareness Film Festival in LA, and he released his debut EP, Naked. Now, he has returned with “Doors”. With catchy hooks, angelic vocals and heartfelt songwriting, his voice shines above all else. “Doors” showcases Lawrence Alexander’s potential as an artist and his ability to connect with listeners.

$$Terick – “Miss You”

$$Terick is a rising artist from Providence, Rhode Island. His latest single, “Miss You”, highlights his unique style and undeniable talent, solidifying his position as an artist to watch. $$Terick’s ability to create music that connects with audiences has been a driving force behind his growing fanbase. With each release, he brings a relatable and thought-provoking element that strikes a chord with listeners, and “Miss You” is no exception. The single is an introspective exploration of the human experience – the moments in life when we are unexpectedly separated from the things, experiences or people we value highly.


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