TFace Unveils New Single & Video “Moneh”

Leicester-based 17-year-old rapper TFace drops his new single, “Moneh,” showcasing his fresh talent and energetic style. TFace shares that the track was inspired by a freestyle session with friends, sparking the idea that led to its creation.

TFace says: “If I’m being honest, my song ‘Moneh’ came about when I was freestyling with a couple of friends, which sparked the idea into my mind, leading on to greatness! I look at this song as one where everybody can vibe to, + have a dance to, young and old. I have been into music from the age of 3 but I personally took it into my own hands to start my music journey at 11 years old. All I can say is I’m coming for the rap game’s neck!”

With “Moneh,” TFace aims to create a track that resonates with all ages, offering a blend of catchy rhythms and danceable beats. His passion for music, evident since he was three, continues to drive his ambition as he carves out his place in the rap scene.

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