Jordy Teams Up with Grime Legend JME for “Wonderkid”

Prodizzle Head Of Content

North London native Jordy joins forces with grime icon JME to drop his highly-anticipated single, “Wonderkid.” The track arrives alongside the announcement of Jordy’s upcoming project, “SNM,” marking the final installment in his trilogy following the acclaimed releases “SMH” and “KMT.” The acronym “SNM,” which stands for “Say No More,” underscores Jordy’s commitment to letting his music do the talking.

The accompanying music video, shot by esteemed director Charlie Sarsfield at Untold Studios, sets a captivating backdrop for the lyrical prowess displayed by both artists. With hauntingly compelling production by Maths Time Joy, “Wonderkid” serves as a platform for Jordy and JME to deliver clever rhymes and punchlines, showcasing their mastery of the craft.

“Wonderkid” is a testament to Jordy’s rising status in the rap scene, as he continues to evolve artistically and solidify his place among UK’s brightest talents. With JME’s stamp of approval on the collaboration, Jordy proves himself as a wonderkid of Rap, while JME remains a wonderkid of Grime, further cementing their excellence in their respective genres.

As Jordy navigates the pre-album phase, “Wonderkid” serves as a strong indicator of the exciting music to come from this burgeoning artist. Stay tuned for more from Jordy as he continues to push boundaries and make waves in the UK music scene.

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