Skrapz Shows Unwavering Lyricism and Confidence on New Song “Check”

Prodizzle Head Of Content

North West London’s very own icon, Skrapz, is back with yet another compelling track, “Check,” accompanied by an engaging music video. Fresh off his recent return with “Normal,” he continues to remind fans why he’s held in high regard in the UK rap scene.

In “Check,” Skrapz once again showcases his lyrical prowess over a laidback beat, maintaining the high standards he’s known for. He dives deep into his life experiences, touching on the trials and tribulations that have been a recurring theme in his music. What sets Skrapz apart is his ability to convey these experiences with unwavering confidence.

With every release, Skrapz solidifies his position as a legend in the UK rap scene. “Check” is not just a testament to his lyrical skill but also a reminder that he’s here to stay and continues to deliver tracks that resonate with fans old and new.

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