2 Chainz Explains How He Feels About Ludacris Still Profiting From Him

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2-chainz-2012-01-03-300x3002 Chainz appears on The Breakfast Club for an in-depth interview about his cookbook & healthy lifestyle, Ludacris and leaving the DTP label, and the attempted robbery in San Francisco.

2 Chainz definitely reps his single “I’m Different,” recently revealing that he has plans for a cookbook, to be released alongside his upcoming album,B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time. The rapper is known for Instagramming an array of healthy meals, on the daily, and so now fans will be able to make similar meals. Tity 2 Necklace is an advocate for healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle, something he talked about in his new interview with The Breakfast Club.

The rapper said that the cookbook will most likely come with the deluxe edition of his sophomore album. “The cookbook I’m tryna have that come with the deluxe packaging of my album,” Tity Boi said.

2 Chainz went on to explain why a healthy lifestyle is so important for him/ “For me, bro, I do tons of shows, I’m on the road a lot, I had a whole full day of media yesterday, I shot a video, me and Fab shot the video last night, I had to get up this morning and do this, so for me, I have to eat properly, in order for me to continue running like this,” he said. “I have major stomach issues, somebody that has over 8 ulcers, I have acid reflux I got about four pillows I have to sleep on…It’s just things to prevent me from feeling the way I feel when I don’t feel good. And every time I get sick I tell myself I do not ever wanna feel like this again.”

The rapper continued to reveal a number of foods he isn’t able to eat, as well as alcohol, because of his dietary issues. “I wanna indulge in things like lemonade, ice cream, there’s ton of things I just can’t…orange juice, I can’t do that anymore. I can’t drink alchohol…I’m tryna find a lil wine I can rock with.”

He added, “Drinking is a big part of socializing in hip-hop. All these bottles come out..”

Finally the Atlanta native explained his reason for doing a cookbook, which leads us back to his single “I’m Different.” Chainz said, “[I’m] tryna keep it kinda conceptual and at the same time do something different besides put in a DVD of my shows, or “B Scenes of Tour Life in the Bus” I don’t wanna do that.”

The Breakfast Club  also asked 2 Chainz how he felt about Ludacris’ recent comments on the show, when he said he’s still eating off the former DTP rapper. 2 Chainz says he’s matured a lot and isn’t bothered, although at the time he was.

“I mean it didn’t bother me [that Ludacris said that], but I think it bothered people around me,” 2 Chainz said of Luda’s comment. “For the most part, people probably want me to say or do something negative, so I don’t. Truth of the matter I been wanting to leave the label, when I left, I guess they knew or had some type of vision that I wasn’t gunna stop there, because I was turnt up when I left and I told them, so yeah I had to pay to leave. I don’t even know who else is on the roster of DTP, but the amount of money that I paid them is not gunna balance out my trajectory.”

Tity Boi then revealed the sum he had to hand over (the price of a verse for him nowadays), which was divided in three, he said. “It’s 100,000. Let’s talk about it. And two albums…It’s 100k divided in three.”

The interview on Power 105.1 is around forty minutes. 2 Chainz continues to explain the day of the attempted robbery in San Francisco in-depth, if he bought Kanye and Kim a baby gift, B.O.A.T.S. II and much more. Watch it below.

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