ARDN Releases New Single “Runner Up” — Watch

Prodizzle Head Of Content

The second track from ARDN’s upcoming Capitol/EMI Records debut EP The Bronze Age, “Runner Up,” is now available.

ARDN says, “Runner Up” perfectly captures the chip on his shoulder he’s always had and his sense of being neglected. In the words of the songwriter, “This song is a method for me to communicate that I won’t settle for the limitations and expectations others have set for me, and my yearning to surpass those obstacles not just for myself but for those around me whom I adore.”

The Canadian-raised, South African-born singer/songwriter carves out his own niche with forthright narrative and melodious flow, fresh off a Canadian/European tour with Isaiah Rashad.

The term “Bronze Age” has more than one interpretation in ARDN’s lexicon. His given name, Ardon, means “bronze” in Hebrew, and he appreciates the historical similarity to the Bronze Age, when ancient civilization underwent a significant technical leap. His goal, he adds, is for The Bronze Age to spark a revolution. “In music, I want to have the same kind of impression.” ARDN’s self-belief is unshakeable as he travels to stages throughout the globe to play and ushers in his own new era, thanks to the years he spent experimenting and polishing his art behind closed doors before letting the world hear his music.

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