Chip and Nafe Smallz Drop Hazy Anthem “WOW” in Celebration of Their Shared Affinity

Prodizzle Head Of Content

Chip and Nafe Smallz join forces once more for a euphoric anthem titled “WOW,” paying homage to their mutual love for herbal remedies. The track immerses listeners in a hazy symphony of melodies, serving as an unapologetic tribute to their favorite plant.

Chip showcases his versatility as he effortlessly adopts an autotune-enhanced style, seamlessly blending with Nafe Smallz’s presence. From the streets of North London to the studio, Chip demonstrates his adaptability, effortlessly harmonizing with his esteemed collaborator.

As the smoke clears, listeners are left in awe of Chip’s dynamic range and Nafe Smallz’s infectious energy. “WOW” stands as a testament to the duo’s chemistry and shared passion for music, leaving fans craving more from this dynamic partnership.

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