Quavo & Lana Del Rey Unite on Mesmerizing New Single “Tough”

Prodizzle Head Of Content

Quavo and Lana Del Rey have joined forces to release their highly-anticipated new single, “Tough.” Directed by Wyatt Spain Winfrey, the accompanying video is a captivating fusion that allows both superstars to delve into each other’s musical realms, showcasing their indomitable spirit and unique styles.

Set against a rural backdrop, the video portrays Quavo and Lana as resilient companions, unafraid of life’s challenges. Quavo, with his shotgun, and Lana, with her guitar, symbolize their unwavering strength despite their contrasting origins. The visual narrative highlights their ability to blend their distinct influences into a harmonious collaboration.

“Tough” is a testament to the versatility and innovation of both artists, providing a powerful and evocative exploration of resilience and unity.

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